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I was so excited when I found this app. 😡😡😡😡....and then I downloaded it. What a waste doesn't even work.

Does not work

Looks good in pics but cant even draw a line. When will Trimble provide an iPad Sketchup.

Way to confusing

I don't know how to add windows and detail it's just to confusing

GREAT app, however

Mostly when I do big projects, like I do roof panelling on my design, there are so many polygons that it starts to freeze up, but with a little bit more optimization, hands down best app on the app store

Like it but....

Like it but need more tutorials on basic use




I tried to put grass down it did not do anything 😭👿


This is by far the best 3D modeling app thanks autodesk


I am in a architecture club and this helped a lot! If you could fix a few glitches, then this would be perfect!! :D

Does not work very well

I find the app counter-intuitive and glitchy. More trouble than it's worth. IMHO

Awesome app

For the person saying he/she can't figure it out, there's a help section there so check it out. I've been exploring and trying a lot of things out and It's really nice , wish you guys would add more materials and stuffs!

Wish I could figure it out...

Can't even figure out how to draw a single line. Watched the getting started, didn't help.

Clumsy Interface

Great initial modeling and design integration app but the drawing tools seem clumsy when trying to work with fine groups or objects. Seamless workflow into Revit is great.

Great App.

Would like to be able to save shapes I use often instead of having to recreate them and would like to be able to delete projects I don't like. Other than that, this I a nice App.

Not good at all

This is not a good app at all. It has many glitches and is extremely hard to control. Sometimes when I am changing the color I see nothing except for moving lines. Another thing is when I try to change color it goes into a weird mode and doesn't let me do anything until I exit. Also some blocks are impossible to control and place right next to or on to of the other blocks and I can't make diagonal lines. I hope this review helps you decide whether you would like to buy this app or not.

Do not update

I was excited at first, then I discovered that no more solid operation. You can't add or subtract.

Nice app but I am tired of this bug

Please fix the crash bug

Beautifully designed

As an architecture student app has become my favorite app to test and develop ideas and projects for class. Very intuitive and easy to learn. I was designing in minutes. 👍

Poor interface and workflow

Whoa is this app frustrating to use. Basic line creation and editing seems overly difficult. Adding a little more intuition to the interface would go a long way especially for those of us who are used to autodesk products. I'll keep trying to work with it, but for now two stars. Yeesh.

What Happened? ROTATE TOOL

This was an amazing app. What did they do to the ROTATE TOOL? No matter how many times I watch the ONE recent video explaining how the NEW ROTATE TOOL WORKS. Its nonsense to me. Speak Up People, let them know, I can't be the only idiot having a mental breakdown with it.

Hi kailea

Hiiii kailea lol

Great app, but...

Fun game, but will often freeze for a few seconds then continue

Please update you past update

Well, autodesk did it again, great idea worked well for some time, but with this latest list of improvement it is now unusable as it crashes after two model modifications


It a great app but it keeps on crashing on me

ICloud save

It very good app but like for it to be able to say to ICloud just in case if I lose any files iCloud Will back up my files so I don't lose them.

The most useful thing the iPad offers besides porn.

FormIt is my must-have tool for blocking-out videogame levels. An absolute necessity on my iPad.


Why don't you add an option to enter exact dimension to make an object? Tks

Very good

I love this app, but I have a suggestion, I notice that you only have one view setting with outlines around the objects Keep the outlined view but add a view where you can see the objects without the outlines so it will look more lifelike.

Pretty Epic

Wow, its pretty nice app… great CAD program like google sketch up… but really nice!

Great start

This program is the start of an awesome tool. PLEASE!! Keep developing it and make it a little more intuitive and just a few more functional capabilities such as an array command and curved lines etc.... Also Please put the ability to draw on a face and void out that area like sketch up into Revit and Vasari. If you would like to talk to real world users about user interface and functionally I would love to help. I figured out how to curve lines. One thing it really needs is some type of crop box. I am working on a model and as it gets more complex I need to be able to hide some portions of the building to work on portions that are behind it. Also can we get the sketch lines in revit!

iPad CAD done right

I had been playing with FormIt for over an hour making fun and interesting designs before even thinking of looking for the "help" button. Very intuitive, snappy response. Though not it's intended design, I am using it for designing sculptures and find it the easiest to use for my needs yet. Barely any learning curve. Syncs drawings to Autodesk's cloud service, which has a clunky interface. Haven't figured out how to export from Autodesk360 cloud to a file standard accepted by 3d printing services, would be great if they could clean up the workflow for that - again, not the intended design use of Formit, but since it's such a great cad program, pretty please make it easier for a novice to get a fabrication-service ready file out? I would happily pay for this app.

Great app!

Finally! Greatest app! Very similar to SketchUp - very simple and easy application. Please make the same program for the PC! =)


I'm love this app. I use it all the time for school and it very impressive and easy to use compared to similar computer apps. I wish it had the ability to make the ground plane a white color to make it easier to hand render my models. Also the ability to make several different shades of the same color would make it so much better. Thank you so much and if you can make this happen it would be awesome!

A few more features away from excellent.

Please consider giving us the ability to sweep, loft and mirror. Also, the ability to select curved surfaces for the application of materials; and an even richer materials' library would be more than a welcome development. Overall, this app has my love and respect. .


I don't know about the narrowing of early functionality, but... I think the ones present are enough, minding the scale for witch this app was conceived. People don't understand what user friendly means and I'm sure that a bunch of menus on 5" screen wouldn't help the sole porpoise that this app was build: volumetrics mind storming. If you "ComplaintJustForTheSakeOfItPeople" want a enhanced free 3d app, download open source, there's a bunch out there. Now I'll begin to place my requests :D - 3D terrains import - I don't mean like GE level of detail, less subdivided, but I think the elevation notion would be a winner for this app. Also I think some selection trick could be added to the hold selection functionality and, for me, it would be golden: 1touch - full volume selection , 2 touch- face/edge Congrats so far and keep it up simple ;)


Why take out vital functionalities? This app has become more narrow then creative.

Great start

This has immense potential. However, right now it feels like a great demo that has blocked some key features. (Offset,mirror, manipulate edges, select points, translucent materials,etc.) With this said it seems like its only missing 15-20 functions from being something I could actually design with. I am anxious for version 2.0.

absolutely amazing!!!

this app is amazing and one of a kind. For those complaining about things, remember that there is no other app like this that lets you design right on your ipad...this app is awesome...and no annoying adds to!!!!! Props to the creators.


Why no metric units?

Only in Imperial

Thought it would have been fundamental that a metric and imperial interface be built in... Disappointing!

Good App

Formit is a cool app but i think it will better if you provide render support and image export of the image

Great app, but...

The whole system of viewing, modifying, and exporting is unclear and frustrating. At this point I'm unsure whether I'll be able to export anything I create for use in Blender scenes, or elsewhere. If that's the case, it's pretty useless to me. Otherwise, this app has a lot of great features that make creating fast and comprehensible. The snap functions are priceless for the iPad platform. The GUI is super intuitive, and it's really easy to create awesome structures quickly. But not being able to export is, well, almost cruel. I'm signed up for cloud their cloud access, and I have the other Autodesk apps one supposedly needs for further viewing and modification, but I only get viewing error messages. Not fun.

Excellent but a little difficult

At last there is something that I can use on the Ipad for creating buildings and constructions. Choose any location on the map and make a whole new thing out of the place. Pros: First app to let you get a great 3-D view of what you are building for free. Improvements: Creating a building is a little difficult because it takes too many touches to put. A shape on the plane.

No metric systems?

Who cares inaccurate imperial systems these days?

Mobile Design Process

Agora os arquitetos podem resgatar o prazer de esboçar idéias, criando formas em 3D com muita facilidade. Este recurso de poder simular as condições de iluminação conforme localização geográfica é ótimo, e a integração com REVIT fechou com "chave de ouro".

No metric units...

Great App with loads of potential... Maybe it is just me not able to find the setting switch, but it seems to support imperial units only... WHY?


Beautifully executed in layout, 3D design and iPad user interface. Simple, clean, very well thought out. One of the highest level and enjoyable apps that I've seen for the iPad. Thank you Autodesk!

SketchUp. You Have Some Catching Up to Do

This is the 3d app that has been screaming to be made ever since the introduction of the iPad. SketchUp was unfortunately limited by their former owner Google. They should have made this app before Autodesk had the opportunity. This is an impressive start for Autodesk.

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